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to understand is to

to perceive is to
be present

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Your hearing health matters.  Let the team at Hickory Audiology listen to your hearing needs and design a solution that is right for you.   

Located at 533 S Landmark Ave, Suite B in Bloomington.   
A life with better hearing is just one phone call away.

Living life to its fullest includes ensuring that your hearing health is a top priority.  Hearing loss is a medical condition that requires treatment from a dedicated professional Audiologist.

At Hickory Audiology, our priority is to listen to your hearing needs.  Together we will create a solution that exceeds your expectations so that you have access to all there is to gain from your best hearing life. 

As lifelong Hoosiers, we know the value of a dollar and commit to providing you the solution that is best for you with fair and transparent pricing options.

We Listen So You Can Hear.

Meet the Team

Dr. Elizabeth Steele Thompson is by far the most compassionate, knowledgeable, down to earth and professional audiologist I have ever known in my 30 yrs as an AUD.

I have been the VP of Audiology at one of the worlds biggest hearing aid company, a faculty member at the worlds best Audiology training program and now a successful business owner of the worlds first hunting hearing aid.

But if my mother needed hearing help, I would send her to Dr. Elizabeth – from Michigan!

If you, or your 70 yr old father or 8 yr old daughter needs hearing care an you are within 8 hrs drive if Bloomington, IN then there is simply no other place to get your hearing care.

She. Is. That. Good!