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Our experienced team of audiologists is here to support your hearing health. Learn more about the services we offer below or contact us.

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Your hearing health matters.  Let the team at Hickory Audiology listen to your hearing needs and design a solution that is right for you.   

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Comprehensive Hearing Tests

A critical step in hearing health is documenting your current hearing status.  Hearing slowly degrades over time.  A hearing test is an essential first step in understanding your hearing loss.

Functional and Communication Needs Assessment

Additional tests, including assessment of brain health are conducted to help us better understand the impact of your hearing on your quality of life.

Hearing Aid Selection

Finding the best hearing solution for your particular needs in our specialty.  We strive to understand your hearing needs and design a personalized solution just for you.  We Listen…You Hear.

Real Ear Measurements

Real ear measures or “live speech mapping” is routine in our clinic.  This enables us to optimize your hearing aid fitting and gives you the peace of mind that the technology you have invested in is right for you.

Already have hearing aids?  No problem.  Let us evaluate your current hearing aids using our electroacoustic verification methods and make changes or recommendations as appropriate. 

Custom Programming

Hearing aids are highly flexible and sophisticated devices.  Our audiologists are specially trained to listen to your experiences with your hearing aids and make adjustments accordingly.

Hearing Aid Repairs and Cleaning

Care and maintenance of your hearing aid is essential to keeping the device working well.  All hearing aids purchased from Hickory Audiology come with a repair warranty which can be extended. 

Tinnitus Options

Tinnitus or ringing, buzzing in your ears impacts many people.  There is help!  Our audiologists offer a variety of different treatment methods to help you find relief from your tinnitus.

Earwax Removal

Earwax or cerumen is a natural protective defense.  Cleaning your ears at home with a Q-tip can lead to additional problems and in some case injury.  Let our audiologists use a video camera to look into your ears and remove any blockage.

In search of second opinion?  If you already have a hearing test but are struggling to decide on the best hearing care treatment for you, we are here to help.  We will listen and give you a recommendation based on the information that you provide.  

Custom Hearing Protection for Musicians, Hunters and More

Are you looking to protect one of our greatest assets, our hearing?  We have you covered with a range of custom hearing solutions starting as low as $50 per ear.