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Hearing Makes Sound Meaningful

Hearing Health means much more than Hearing Aids

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Your hearing health matters.  Let the team at Hickory Audiology listen to your hearing needs and design a solution that is right for you.   

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A life with better hearing is just one phone call away.

While hearing loss cannot be cured, today’s hearing aids are remarkable instruments capable of tracking, capturing, interpreting, modulating and filtering sounds all while reducing noise and connecting you to the hearing world.  Hearing aids are designed to aid your residual hearing so you can hear sounds and locate, identify and understand them.   

A Sample of Today’s Hearing Solutions

Bluetooth Connectivity

We live in the age of connectivity.  Hearing aids are multi-functional, wireless, fashionable must-haves.  Your grandkids will be jealous when you answer the phone with a tap of your ear. 


Who has time for batteries?  Many of today’s hearing aids are rechargeable meaning that you can hear the whole day and never have to worry about changing a battery. 

Discrete: Nearly Invisible

From discrete receiver in the canal (RIC) devices to nearly invisible devices that are custom made for you and fit completely in the ear.  You don’t have to worry about your hearing aids being seen.


Unique two-in-one earbuds combine Bluetooth connectivity with high-definition prescription audio technologies that you find in the most advanced hearing aids.

Your ears, your life.

Whether you want to be discreet, or you want to make a statement; whether your priority is to perform better at business meetings or hear your  loved one whisper I love you… there is a customizable product with the form, fit and functionality to meet the unique needs of your hearing life. 

Hickory Audiology carries a variety of hearing aid brands:

Your hearing health journey

Hearing aids are only part of the solution.  Together we will partner with you (loved ones are welcome too!) to get your hearing the way you want.  This includes testing, diagnosis, consultation, fitting, calibration, programming, training, maintenance, troubleshooting and dedicated support as you embark upon your hearing life. 

Additional Connectivity Options

Wired for Sound

The battle over the TV volume is all too real in many households.  Many of today’s hearing aids are compatible with a TV Connector that allows the signal to be sent directly from the TV to your hearing aids.

Roger That!

Did you know that for every doubling in distance from the person you are trying to hear the volume of their voice is cut in half? And in noise this can be a real challenge.

Luckily, technology is here to help.  This tech allows us to add devices to your hearing aids that give you the extra boost you need to be able to hear.

How much?

Hearing aids are highly sophisticated instruments customized to fit the exacting needs of each and every individual.  And in the words of Ace of Cakes Duff Goldman, ”It is not the wand, it’s the wizard.”  The right hearing instrument requires the right audiologist to partner with you and program the hearing aids to your exact hearing needs. 

Our commitment to you is to always be transparent about the service fees so that you know exactly what you are paying for and why. 

Hickory Audiology Price Commitment:

  • Transparent pricing with a satisfaction guarantee
  • Solutions starting at $1000 per ear or  $200/month
  • Most insurances accepted